Composting bins made of wood are very common, and there are many styles to choose from such as:

  • 2x4 framed with plywood - like the three-bin set shown in the top photo in the right sidebar.
  • wood pallets are a popular method of forming a frame, then covering the opening with more slats, or plywood, or wire or even plastic sheeting.
  • just a 4-sided wooden frame (usually 16" wide plywood held at corners with 2x4's) is the method used to create a vertical-sided stand-alone pile as shown in the 2nd photo in the right sidebar. This is my favorite method because the pile can be accessed from any direction to aid in the screen process when turning a pile.
  • another common method is to construct a 2x4 frame platform covered with plywood on which circular wire bins are used as bin containments - my second most favorite method.

As this section is developed further, I'll provide photos of bins I've made and links to various plans that you can follow to build your own.

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