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February 2015

It has been a very 'interesting' month:

  • substantial progress on multiple student projects and more educational certifications.
  • exciting progress on the NEW SoilGuy website - with expected 'go live' in early March.

KP Compass Contract signed - we expect to initiate KP Module Development Training in mid-month - beginning with the Basic Composting Course.

Today, Johnny and I completed installing the line of pallets along his side-yard wood-slat fence - the project went quickly - start-to-finish pallet installation in about 4 hours. Next to finish decking the pallets with 1/2" pressure-treated plywood (sealing seams with Quad caulk), installing the pallet back & side-boards and attaching the 3" Sched.20 PVC (sewer thickness pipe). Then each length of the pipe is split in half lengthwise - called a leachate-collection L.split-pipe, L.half-pipe or just 'L-trough'.

Johnny Taylor and I had a really good meeting with James Rose, President of The SoilGuy's IT company (Coltarus Halo) (Highly recommend this '5-star' company!!).
Outcome was decision to move The SoilGuy website to a Word-Press hosting platform - with a great new look and new shopping cart. More on that later...

Current web host Thunderdata informed us that our storage requirements were becoming beyond their storage capacity, and we'll need to find a new site host.
Reckon in a way, that's recognition of growth?

Completed the J.Taylor Brown&Green Compost Feedstock Bins YEA!! Total Cost: Less than 20 bucks:

about $8 for screws
about $11 for Roof-Liner

Hinging the pallet gates took most time of any other part - to get 'em Just Right (no cable support needed), although we installed a gate support frame - high on the set-hinge side and low on the latch side - for later on, if needed).
Total of 8 pallets for both bins, including one pallet to extend the Brown bin fence-corner position with a double-pallet long side (to accommodate the corner position).

David forwarded a copy of the revised KP Education Systems contract for my signature - then his - and we're "off & running" to incorporate our new company, EarthWise Sustainability, Inc. I have the; .net and .org domains already registered.
The goal of the new company is to promote the 36 subscription courses I'm writing - with the goal of achieving accreditation for college credit degree plans. Video support from my end, is provided by Johnny Taylor, who will hopefully agree to become the ROI VP, Information Technology.

Jan. 7th
David Gray, my California partner in EarthWise Sustainability, Inc., finalized contract negotiations with KP Education Systems to host 36 SoilGuy subscription training courses online.

Jan. 4th
I joined Growthink's Inside Circle - to take ROI to the 'next level' - which means: re-branding all of ROI's products under the SoilGuy label.
Am going to find out how deep this Growthink 'rabbit hole' goes...

Jan. 2nd:
Johnny Taylor, ROI's new Network Administrator and social media Guru, has already outlined several major projects, including a SoilGuy Facebook page. Am still working on several new projects at his place - check out his "Taylor Project List" page HERE.

In conjunction with expansion of the ROI Composting Facility, will be expanding operations within Aransas and adjacent counties.
Am seeking a joint-venture this Spring, with only one local plant nursery in Rockport - to establish a ROCKPORT ORGANIC CENTER to provide the organically-minded community with 'how-to' composting information and organic gardening advice
Through that CENTER, ROI will begin offering our products to the local public in both packaged and bulk volumes, including - for the first time, our Liquid Microbial Concentrate (LMC) and compost leachate products, (which have not been offered as a bottled product to the public ever before) ALL under the SOILGUY label.

Jan 1st:

Happy New Year!!

This month has started with 45F degree temperatures with strong winds from another cold front that brought rain - but this is southern Texas - so it won't last long...

January, 2015:

Dec 25th:

Merry Christmas!!

Dec. 17th:

I've recently taken on two additional international projects - both still in Feasibility Study stage at present:

  • Consultant to the owners of a 650-acre (300-head) dairy farm in Canada - to initiate an organic composting operation using liquid/solid-separated cow manure.
  • Consultant and Adviser to the Director of an organic gardening/composting training project at several Asian schools - the first one in Timika, Indonesia.

Dec. 8th: Have established the format on which to form a new company: EarthWise Sustainability, Inc. with partner David Gray, a California resident.

The domains:; .net & .org have been registered:

Dec. 6th: The SoilGuy (as CEO of ROI) and David Gray (as CEO of EWS), are in process of inking a contract with KP Educational Systems:
To develop a series of 36 online subscription courses to be taken on KP Compass:
Videographer for those courses is Johnny Taylor - whom you'll read about below:

Dec. 2nd:
ROI welcomes Johnny Taylor of Rockport, Texas as the company Network Administrator, Website Manager and Social Media Guru. Johnny served IBM as a Network Systems Engineer in Austin, Texas for many years, then several years as Network Systems Engineer for the Texas General Land Office prior to retiring a few years ago.

Johnny is a also an environmentally-focused Contributing Author on this site, with his own (new this month) BLOG page. Johnny is a No BS blunt-speaking fellow (like me) who has a lot to say, and you never know what's going to 'pop out' of his head and onto his page. Johnny has a writing style much different than mine (YEA) which I expect will add a touch of relief from my incessant ramblings. So before you're eyes begin to cross, 'wading through' my 'researcher/scientist' writing style, flip over to Johnny's BLOG page to see what he's 'ranting' about now.

He'll tell you about his long-term not-for-profit projects he has going on - with links.
And he will likely document the several projects he and I are constructing at his place, so watch for new links to appear under the Johnny's Projects page in the left sidebar.

One last thing - Johnny is a straight-shooter' - honest, trustworthy and only speaks truth as he sees it.
Johnny was a childhood victim of polio (which relegated him to an electric scooter or wheelchair) - and while he has been composting for many years, his handicap makes physical operations difficult. So we're taking him the route of state-of-the-art Aerated Static Piles (ASP) and Automated Pile Irrigation (API) - so the material in his wire bins need no turning, from NewBuild to harvest. Watch for those, on his Project List link:

December, 2014:

Nov. 26th: ORG member Jason Sanders, a L.A., California, U.S.C resident, and employee of EcoSafe, was awarded his Master Composter certification. Am assisting him to develop a 'side venture' business in organic lawn & garden care - along with his private aquaponics operation - to qualify for his Professional Composter certification.

November, 2014:

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