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Those highest-quality; shortest-time; easiest-methods; least cost attributes of compost production using The SoilGuy HighTech methods, were developed over many years of directly viewing Nature's microscopic decomposers in my laboratory under 400x-1,000x light microscope, then taking findings from the lab to apply them in my composting research facility - modifying techniques 'along the way' to develop the most robust aerobic, high-fungal community of synergistic microorganisms possible - a community capable of:

  • sufficiently strong nutrient cycling for most crop harvests
  • protecting plants from most above-ground and below-grade diseases and pests
  • producing the highest percentage of actual humus (no, not just compost) - but rather, the amorphous treasure-chest of NATURE'S strongest plant simulator. Humus is the result of previously-dead organic matter that can't-be-decomposed-any-further by microbiology. Molecules that form compounds that holds more plant-available nutrients than anything else - enabling plants to reach their peak of genetic potential. In other words, THRIVE!!

Am also known for my advanced composting research work in developing the products:

  • MICROBIAL STARTER (MS)- comprised of the most diverse and dense synergistic microbiological community in any liquid microbial concentrate product that I know of. I communicate with other research scientists all over the world - and believe-you-me, I can research competition at least as well as I can research compost and earthworms.
  • MICROBIAL ACTIVATOR (MA)- No, we're not talking about molasses and fish hydrolysate-based products (which were the rage for decades - but microbes still have to break them down with their enzymes before they are usable - a process that is not efficient in a 24-hour development period) - but rather the molecular constituents of such products - that provide in vitro (water solution) microorganisms the energy and cell-building nutrients needed to reproduce - some capable of exponential propagation in just hours during the product development cycle - so they are capable of producing the best liquid microbial 'tea' in the world.
  • MICROBIAL FACILITATOR (MF)- the elements, combined with LMC, that provide a conducive environment to help establish and reproduce the microbial community where they are applied to crops and cropland. A 4-strain Mycorrhizae is included, of course.

The SoilGuy brand of 'tea' is called Liquid Microbial Concentrate (LMC) and the machine I invented (with the help of NASA's SATOP program Fluid Engineer) is called the Liquid Microbial Concentrator Machine (LMCM).

Am also one of very few researchers who also specializes in developing highly nutritive compost LEACHATE. No, not the compost "leachate" you sometimes hear about - stinky water derived from commercial compost operations that use human food wastes that quite often, has become anaerobic/putrefactive (stinky/slimy) even before it's picked up from dumpsters by a municipality's MSW operation - awful stuff - microbiologically and chemically.

Rather, The SoilGuy Leachate products are derived from the highest-grades of intensely-managed compost or vermicompost - or both (in the case of the Leachate Blend product. Literally a 'world' of difference from commercial-made compost.

SoilGuy brand leachate contain high quality liquid plant food derived from the last 4 stages of compost development - including Stage7 Aged/Humic compost which few in the world know how to make - and of the others I know about, none of them actually make Stage7 compost in any significant quantity, nor derive leachate from it. They may be waiting for someone to purchase their technology? - while The SoilGuy technology is already at work in the field..

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