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Am presently an Adviser to USDA/NCAT Projects as a 'product-soil' microbiologist to organic farmers and fruit/nut tree orchards, demonstrating how damaged dirt can be fully restored, quickly - even after polluted/decimated land has become 'dead dirt' by being physically abused with destructive erosion-causing heavy equipment and by multiple treatments of toxic (to soil microbiology) synthetic agricultural chemicals - which now significantly pollute much of the earth's surface AND the foods produced via those toxic chemicals.

There are several things I DON'T DO much of - and that is publish in scientific peer-reviewed journals. An activity I see as being MUCH too time-consuming (I'd rather be teaching) - so I have 'channels' by which my lab and field findings gets published - but I prefer not to be cited in it. I 'dipped-into' that 'route' just once - and once was enough.

Nor do I file patent applications for my products. While someone could file for a patent to produce the equipment I manufacture - by 'reverse engineering' - I'm not concerned - as the original Inventor - who had to decide which options to 'go with' - I can modify such products as needed, to remain 'free' from potential infringement issues. And because I don't file patent applications for the microbiological products I make - NOBODY knows enough about how to make them - and if a patent-owner wants to contest - my attorney tells me that I would only need to divulge ONE MINOR difference - to prove my products are not limited by anyone else's patent. So I'm not concerned about any such issues.

My perspective in that regard goes back to my early days with my research scientist father. I watched him 'slave' over preparing initial patent-application documents for his employer (Dow Chemical) to finish and file - 44 patents in all - and swore I would not put myself through that very expensive "mill" - and have not.
Of course I have developed many new products - but have resisted all advice to patent (at least thus far). My position is: if someone (or entity) desires for me to patent - I will participate with them at 49% - and provide the data - but THEY 'foot the bill' for BOTH filing costs AND court infringement battles. No taker's yet - perhaps I value my work to highly?

But really, it goes deeper than that. When one patents, the entire technology in the patent is published in detail for the entire world to see. THEN it becomes MY responsibility to protect it - by going to court to prove infringement - which is VERY expensive.
But if my products are NOT patented - those secrets remain in my 'secure places''for NONE other to know - to compete with my success. Simple.

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