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Household food waste should NEVER be sent to a landfill.
But collecting source-separated food waste, involves more organic material than ANY municipality no matter what its size can compost without a serious capital investment. So most city MSW services 'don't offer residents that opportunity - so food waste goes in the curbside container - and to the landfill, where it is allowed to do 'bad things' to our environment.

So EVERY HOUSEHOLD should be composting their own household food and yard wastes which requires almost NO capital investment - and using that compost to grow some of THEIR OWN FOOD - because unless something positive drastically happens soon, a global food shortage %especially of nutritious/healthy food is going to cause nutritious human food to become too expensive for the majority of our population to purchase.

Helping you reduce your household food cost is also one of the main reason this site exists. Because I very quite likely know a LOT more about doing that - than you do. And the more you know - about what I know and can prove, scientifically - the better off you will be in supplementing your family's nutritional health.

And as you are probably already aware, there are TWO ways you can grow food at home for your family: ORGANICALLY % or CHEMICALLY in which you become part of the pollution problem - instead of being part of the solution.

If you desire to grow tastier, cheaper, healthier food than you can buy in a store, you have come to the right site. Just click the Getting Started link below:

Nature on the other hand, has considerable difficulty decomposing so much/so fast of the non-carbon-based products our society produces - and so willfully/quickly 'discard' making carbon-based waste break down and 'disappear' back into soil is one of Nature's functions/responsibilies in the "earth-realm 'scheme' of things".
An example is plastic - which some folks still think cannot quickly be decomposed by Nature. WRONG!!
Most 'plastic' is a derivative of crude oil - created using plant matter, decomposed millions of years ago which is why natural crude oil is not a renewable resource - Not Sustainable. When it's gone - IT'S GONE - simply because it takes millions of years for Nature to make it!

So plastics CAN be made to be "quickly" decomposable - as exemplified by the 'throw-away' eating utensils industry - that now manufactures knives/forks/spoons/plates of plastic that are certified COMPOSTABLE.
I have tested such wares at my compost research facility, and verify that such ARE quickly degradable back into plant-available nutrition.
Another example is scientists utilizing marine microbiology to 'eat' hugely-devastating ocean crude oil spills - and soil microbes to eat such oil spills on land.
Think about that - plant and animal tissue that was alive millions of years ago - sequestered deep in the earth - being put back into planting dirt via composting, to give life to new plants in this age. Amazing. My "hat is off" to those scientists!

And the same microbes that perform that feat - are also capable of decomposing the agricultural toxic chemical pollution that is severely limiting the earth's ability to grow enough plant harvests to feed the burgeoning human population.

My dad told me that back in the late 1940's and early 50's time as scientists learned how to mass-produce manufacture of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, it was thought that such synthetic nitrogen might also feed soil microbiology.
Well, we know the answer to that question - and so did Monsanto corporation - that just the opposite occurred - it was TOXIC to soil microbes.
And, what did Monsanto do about that? "Went right ahead and made the world's agricultural industry dependent on their toxic chemicals without doing ANYTHING about trying to keep Ag 'product-soil' soil community intact.
Why? THINK ABOUT IT! Reducing the ability of the dirt to produce natural plant fertilizer - actually ENSURED that farmers would be even more totally dependent on their toxic chemical products. SO OF COURSE MONSANTO MADE THAT HAPPEN! Proving is is one of the greediest corporations in the world - and doesn't care a 'fiddler's dam' about Nature and the ecology of this planet. All that Monsanto corporate executives care about is the financial bottom line: PROFIT!! To the detriment of earth's ecology.

And is STILL doing that with Glyphosate in their Round-up product and 'Round-up Ready' Genetically Modified Seeds.
Also strongly implicated in multiple human health 'nightmare' issues - linked in recent scientific research publications - yet our government continues' to allow Monsanto to potentially?? damage human health - no slow-down of caution - NO new research studies - NO product re-calls - but rather on the contrary - a "full-speed ahead" 'green flag' on all counts.

I do wish that I had the money to hire the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) law firm to file a suit - but unfortunately don't - so I'm not going to waste energy in that direction.
And THAT is Monsanto's "Ace". Thinking that NOBODY now - has the power and/or CASH to MAKE Monsanto care if they damage Nature's global ecological system. And so by defacto evidence - our government doesn't care either. And both reasons in my opinion are the same. %color+#FF00FF%Greed now rules the world.

If you're not aware of "Gulf Dead Zone" or "Ocean-Trash" or "Dead Soil" or "Chemical Pollution" or "Topsoil Erosion" or "GMO crops" - I suggest you do some browser-searching for such terms, to 'come up to speed'.
Why? Because it's your individual responsibility as a human living on this planet!!
AND because ALL of those issues affect your life NOW - AND will affect the lives of your future generations.
If those issues 'bother you' - then is YOUR responsibility to join your voice with other concerned citizens that's what being part of WeThePeople is all about! - to ensure that GREEDY PEOPLE stop excessive trashing YOUR planet for personal financial gain!!
Here's one link that you might otherwise not find, because it's on the site of a very highly-respected physician and food researcher who abhors GMO's - for all the right reasons PLEASE take time to read it:

And when humans produce land/water/air 'TRASH' in high enough quantity to severely disrupt the synergistic 'workings' of the entire planetary ecosystem that Nature took Millions of years to create - why are we surprised that Nature naturally rebels? Nature IS the REAL physical authority on this planet - "HELLO"?

Want to know why Nature is UPSET enough to cause more of the severe weather events that are occurring globally?
HER creatures from tiniest to largest, are dying much too fast - at the 'hand of Man' - as a result of mankind's irresponsible actions - even attempting to set 'human intelligence' above Her - in attempts to control Her and force Her to conform to greedy human interests. Do you not understand that Nature controls the WEATHER - which can be a devastating "WEAPON" of retaliation? And there's NOTHING humanity can do about it? HELLO?

I think it's 'high time' to 'apologize' to Nature by becoming responsible to Nature for our eco-trashing actions - and upgrade our "repair process" a LOT faster than is being done now to regain ecological balance.
Why should we? For the sake of humanity's continued existence on this planet, THAT'S WHY - and hopefully, quickly enough to still remain the 'dominant species' in NATURE'S FOOD CHAIN. can you 'read between those lines'?

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