Texas Rain Catcher Contest 2009

Each year since 2007, the Texas Water Development Board hosts a contest to determine a Texas Rain Catcher of the Year Award.
In 2009 the TWDB established three different categories: Residential, Commercial and Educational/Government.

Our application was filed in the Residential Category and is the winning entry. The application can be viewed at Texas Rain Catcher Application.

In order to design the two systems needed at our property it was necessary for me to become a nationally accredited professional at rainwater harvesting, through the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (http://www.ARCSA.org).

Yet, having accomplished professional ARCSA accreditation, did not provide the experience needed to design and construct potable RWH systems - something I accomplished by locating various Mentors and arranging to learn from them first-hand.

One of those is Mr. Billy Kniffen, an ARCSA certified profession who also teaches RWH for Texas A&M University and the Texas AgriLife Extention Service.

Another person that I'd like to mention is Mr. Ron Dunagan, the owner of R&S Contracting (http://www.rnscontracting.com) that is noted in the TRCA Application. Ron was the Contractor that completed construction of our home, and has become well-versed in rainwater collection construction methodologies.

One other 'horn toot': the Texas Master Gardener program sponsored through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service has a rainwater harvesting specialty course taught by Mr. Kniffen which I completed as well.
Whereas the ARCSA certification coursework mainly focused on potable water issues, the Master Gardener course was mainly concerned with irrigation issues and went into much greater detail about the water transport systems for irrigation methods.

Robert Moore
2009 Texas Rain Catcher of the Year
ARCSA Accredited Professional
MG RWH Specialist

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