RainWater Harvesting (RWH) Link References

The first link presented is my favorite - not just because I'm an ARCSA certified catchment systems professional - but also because the ARCSA organization offers an opportunity for ANYONE to join the ARCSA community and learn about this exciting revival and innovations that are making history.

Before water treatment plants became popular, harvesting rain was one of the most important things that human beings did - who didn't live near a supply of freshwater.

Not many folks under 45 years old remember the grandparent's cistern or water well - but it was there - sustaining the family that allowed you to survive.

You are invited to check out the references below, and learn about this opportunity for you to make a difference in your community by not being dependent on water from the ground - or a municipal water supply - both of which are not able to keep up with demand.

Shortages of fresh water exist. Now. Right where you live. Not aware of that? You should be. Learn more now...

National U.S. association leading the way, in this 'forgotten frontier'.

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