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At the moment I'm developing and manufacturing three new proprietary products:

  • Aero*ForceTM brand of Microbial Concentrator Machine (LMCM)TM to make our Liquid Microbial Concentrate (LMC) brand of liquid compost
  • Worm BasketTM brand of Earthworm Breeding Station
  • Liquid Microbial ConcentrateTM (LMC) in both aerobic and anaerobic (EM-type) formulas.

ROI proprietary products and services are ONLY available on the site or from a licensed franchise dealer.


Microbiological Qualitative Analysis of:

  • Soil and Dirt - specializing in organic gardening
  • Compost - including assay of tea-quality compost
  • Compost Liquid Concentrates - analysis of microbial density and diversity as well as many other tests.

AERO*FORCETM brand MICROBIAL CONCENTRATORTM MACHINES to produce Liquid Microbial Concentrate (LMC).

AERO*FORCE-50TM - 50-gallon capacity
AERO*FORCE-25TM - 25-gallon capacity
Powered by Sweetwater regenerative air blower
Tilt-stand for the easiest cleaning of 'em all


A unique vermiculture system specially designed for efficient handling of worm bedding and harvesting of worms without all the mess of digging into muckie stuff - and injuring worms. This means that you can quickly and easily place a specific amount of worms and their bedding into a compost pile or garden planting bed without extraction time and possible injury to worms. A new technique that is working very well to enhance faster and more efficient worm breeding after being placed in their new environment.

This new technique of "basketizing" worms is designed to make use of the worm CASTINGS for brewing high-fungal Liquid Microbial ConcentrateTM (LMC) batches - without having to dig through the castings to remove worms and capsules (eggs/cocoons) prior to using the castings in the liquid concentrate.

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