Wood pallets are usually free, so they are often used to build the framework for a compost bin.

Pallets are most easily put together by laying 2x4 lumber down on properly-sloped ground (put plastic sheeting down first). The pallets are then nailed (2.5" or 3" long screws are best) to the bottom lumber frame.

Once the bin is standing on its own, frame the top of the pallets in the same way with 2x4 lumber running along the top of the pallet to tie them together.

Then apply a 2x4 gusset at the back corners to strengthen the unit. A gusset is set across the corner at a diagonal and screwed into the 2x4's on the top of the pallets.

As time permits, I'll provide some photos of my pallet bins to demonstrate the process of building bins with pallets.

In the meantime, if using pallets is something you are considering, use the contact link to send me a message with any questions and I'll be glad to assist.

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