Organics Recycling Group (ORG) is a Division of the parent company Recycling Organics International, Inc.

As a company division, ORG operates under ROI guidance but instead of people in a corporate office, this 'arm' of the company is represented by the individual Independent Contractor Associates (ICA) that comprise a Network (I-CAN) in various cities and towns, to manufacture and produce products for personal use and demonstration/training purposes supported by a locally-based Franchise operation.

That may seem a bit confusing at first, but continue to read and all will become clear...

ROI is first and foremost an EDUCATIONAL company focused on training and hands-on instruction to further residential organic gardening/composting to help households lower their food costs by growing vegetables, fruits and nuts/seeds at home. ORG is the division of the company responsible for coordination of all such activity.

ORG education/training/instruction takes many forms such as printed educational material, distance-learning via email and online courses, but the MAIN EMPHASIS is on localized hands-on training through practical demonstration and instruction because knowledge does not grow food as successfully as knowledge + experience can.

ORG organizes training to the local level by forming ORG-chartered groups called CHAPTERS through which ROI-trained composting and organic gardening experts train and support adherents through the ORG Cooperative Gardening Program.

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