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The SoilGuy branded process to produce a liquid treatment to eliminate chemical pollution of farmland needs to be analyzed by the USDA because to date, the USDA has yet to approve a LIVE microbiological product to revitalize 'worn-out' (and even 'dead dirt) - quickly and cost-effectively.

Oh, sure - there's a multitude of microbial products "out there" that contain DORMANT (not dead - just not active) microbes - but it's been well-proven that applying those dormant-microbe products DON'T WORK - simplybecause the environment in which such are applied (poor dirt) - is NOT CONDUCIVE to bringing the dormant microbes back into reproductive capacity. Still-dormant microbes DO NOTHING except take up space - until they are consumed by whatever live microbiology that still exists in "poor dirt". The ONLY product that is effective is LIVE biology - and keeping them alive - and reproducing - is far easier than attempting to bring dormant microbes "back to life".

And now I know WHY the USDA has been reluctant to approve a LIVE product - AND with the help of Dr. Elaine Ingham - whose previous attempts failed) have SOLVED that issue - and can prove it. I finally 'have in my pocket' the KEYS to the USDA "Holy Grail".

The USDA analyzes such opportunity, by awarding a federal grant to fund a full analysis - to a business entity, in conjunction with an institution of higher learning with PhD professors as Principle Investigators - with the objective of commercializing the findings.

My methods and products qualify for such grant, because my findings have already been tested (albeit in small scale) at The SoilGuy's 2-acre research facility - and at multiple other private operations - so both the findings and testimony of private gardeners/farmers can attest to the efficacy of The SoilGuy's methods and products - but in this case - the high-quality CONSISTENCY OF REPLICATION of microbiological DENSITY and DIVERSITY consistently reproduced in the product development process - "speaks for itself".

WHY is that so important? Because the synthetic chemical pollution problem is a world-wide issue that is one of the main reasons why many global health organizations are warning of a coming WORLD FOOD CRISIS.
And secondly, when the USDA finally DOES approve such liquid LIVE MICROBIAL application to rejuvenate toxic cropland "product-soil" (dirt) - whatever enterprise is in the 'drivers seat' to facilitate the SoilGuy's products and methods into the global marketplace - is going to become very wealthy indeed.

The SoilGuy is a science researcher (a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and developer of organic products - and my small research company is not capable of (nor willing to become capable of) globally commercializing such USDA-validated science.
So am presently seeking an established, successful company in the agricultural business - to take the methodologies and products I have developed - to the USDA as a federal grant application - for investigation within the commercial farming industry - on a much larger scale. Such company will also then 'own' the patent-able data - so will be in the commercialization 'driver's seat'.

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