This page is for folks who are not sure how to Get Started in ORGANIC GARDENING at home.

Certainly, there are MANY factors involved, such as:

  • How many 'mouths to feed' are part of your household?
  • If there are sibling members over 4 years old [which is the age my parents began teaching me], how many are able to participate in building and/or maintaining a given project?
  • How much ground-space is available on the property, that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day? That space can be in the backyard, side-yards or front yard. Or at a neighbor's yard (have you asked)?
    • if residing in a multi-family dwelling, are you able to locate an area on the property that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day?
    • If so, have you spoken to the Manager about assigning a certain amount of space for your use, to establish a garden? Or perhaps a garden for use available to all residents?
  • Is a source of plant irrigation available nearby?
  • Are the tools available that will be needed to garden?
  • Are any neighbors willing to participate with you?
  • And most importantly - can you afford at least $5 per week (toward advancing your project, not me) and commit to spending 10 hours per week to the success of your first home-gardening project?

Yes, the above list is short - but sufficient to Get Started with the task of figuring out WHERE you could locate vegetable plants (or 2-3chicken coop, or 2-3rabbit hutch). [yes, perhaps MEAT to eat TOO - although that may be 'way down-the-road'].

SO - on the next step: Once you have determined the answers to the above CHECKLIST (as apply)... AND have discussed such project with other family members over the age of 4 years of age (if any)...

THEN email your ANSWERS (in that order) to me at:

Understanding that there is one caveat:
My time is very valuable - so when I respond by email reply - I have already committed some of my time to assist - and I expect YOUR commitment to follow-through.
BUT - as long as you are faithful to follow-through (by sending me at least ONE email update in every 2-week period - more is OK), I will commit to guide you in the process to GET YOU STARTED in such quest.

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