The top photo in the right sidebar shows a three-compartment bin that the Coastal-Bend Composters and Organic Gardeners group constructed and donated to the Aransas County AgriLife Demonstration Garden in Texas.

The photo shows the compartments sheathed with plywood which has been caulked, just prior to painting.

Note that the front slats have been cut and fitted to the bin on the right, behind Master Composter Herman Bidwell who assisted in constructing this 3-bin set.

Also note that the 2x4 frame at the front has been set on cinder paving blocks in preparation for attaching the lengthwise-split 4" PVC pipe that runs the full length of the front and drains the compost tea leachate into a 30-gallon plastic barrel sunk into the ground at the end (covered of course).

Some folks just build wood bins directly on the ground, but I recommend laying at least 6mil plastic down first, to collect the leachate from watering piles. It's a real shame to waste the plant nutrition, microbes and humic substances from the water that flows through a pile when it's watered sufficiently (should be at least 60%).

I'll expand this section further as time permits, but if you have questions, send me a message via the contact form and I'll do my best to help with your project.

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