Cooperative Gardening Program (CGP)

Cooperative Gardening

is the name of a program operated by Recycling Organics International Inc., Division of Specialty Crop Industry, Organics Recycling Group department.

The Organics Recycling Group department is supported by ROI's Microbiotics Laboratory and encompasses education, training and instruction to advance organic gardening within Chapters that are chartered as small groups of neighbors cooperating with each other to *lower household food expenses while at the same time *increasing the nutritional quality of the food they grow cooperatively through diverting and composting household refuse to eliminate such materials from landfill waste streams.

While there are no territorial 'boundaries' to limit Chapter membership to residence in any given area, the bulk of members in a Chapter will usually reside within a given Neighborhood Association (NA) or Home Owner's Association (HOA). In many cases a Chapter will originate within multiple NA's or HOA's then as the Chapter grows, members will "spin-off" to form their own neighborhood group.

The minimum number of members required to form and validate as a Chapter in which the Cooperative Gardening program qualifies for ROI/ORG charter is three (3) members, all three of which must be currently enrolled in or previously certified through an ROI Organic Gardening or Composting Course.

The maximum number of Chapter members in a newly-chartered group is 25 households during an initial mandatory probation period; thereafter 50 households, unless an exception has been filed with and approved by that District's ORG Representative.

The Cooperative Gardening Program is a multi-component, open-ended activity designed to

  • promote organic gardening concepts and practices among ORG Chapter members, their families and other household members
  • promote organic gardening and composting to the local community through hands-on instructional training activities.

Each Chapter is a cooperative of organic gardening enthusiasts with three concurrent levels of group activity:

  • intra (within the group)
  • inter (between and/or among other ORG Chapter groups)
  • extra (outside the group) to coordinate training activities with municipal agencies and other like-minded organizations

The ORG Cooperative Gardening Program requires installation of three Program Leaders (which may also be group Officers) for the Chapter to be ratified:

  • Senior Program Leader (membership communication)
  • Gardening Leader (crop production activities)
  • Composting Leader (planting mediums and related activities)

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