Leachate Collection Containers

Large Leachate Collection Container

Large leachate collection containers can be expensive to purchase, but free 55-gallon polyethylene drums (with both bung plugs intact), can be acquired from hotel laundries and other commercial businesses.
Use your network of friends/acquaintances to locate businesses that use poly-drums - and the decision-makers that can make drums available to you at no cost.
Do not use metal drums that can quickly rust when in-ground.

Divide a 55-gal. barrel into two half-barrel Tubs

Measure the full length of the barrel, then divide by 2 and make a mark at the center and mark from both ends to center, at 4 or more places around the circumference.

Using a 3.5' length of straight-edge piece of heavy paper (2" wide is sufficient), wrap the paper around the barrel center to connect the center-marks with a line.

Cut the poly-drum in half (a jig saw with 10 teeth/inch is recommended) in a straight line around the middle.

Caulk-tight the bung plugs (with a bead of Quad caulk around the center of threads) and 'voila' - you have two free 25-gallon tubs.

IF using such tubs as portable, above-ground containers, recommend cutting two 'hand-holds' at 1" from the top in an oblong shape 1" wide x 4" long, at opposite sides. It is also common practice to lengthwise-split a piece of 3.5" old water hose for attachment (usually duct tape) to the top of the hand-hold cut-out, to increase handling comfort.

Water weighs about 8.5lbs per gallon - so 20-gallons of liquid in the tub will weight approximately 170 pounds - a 2-person carry - or use a home-made 'Skid', pulled by a riding mower or small tractor.

Making half-barrel Split-Tubs

Stand the barrel upright - bung holes visible on top. Make a mark anywhere on the outside rim of the barrel top. Using a 24" Framing Square (or tape measure), place the square on the mark, long ruler across the top of the barrel across the exact center of the barrel top.
Mark a line across center, to the opposite rim.
Then with the 24" side of the Square, mark a line on both sides of the barrel, as far as the square will allow.

Lay the barrel on its side and continue both side-barrel lines to the very bottom of the barrel.
Stand the barrel upside down and connect both side-barrel lines across the bottom of the barrel - through the exact center of the bottom. The barrel is now marked all the way around.

Caulk both barrel bungs threads, and both bung hole threads with Quad. Screw bungs down tightly. Lay the barrel on its side again, and with a jig saw (or skill saw), make a cut at one top-edge rim mark, then split the two half-barrels with the jig saw.
Round all cut edges with a wood rasp (or file) as needed.

Making a CRADLE for half-barrel Split-Tubs

Two 2Tx8Wx2'L lumber and one 2Tx6Wx2'L
Mark center of the 2Tx8Wx2'L board and 3" up from bottom
Lay a barrel top (with bungs) on top of each board and mark the curve of the barrel on the wood. Cut out the 'half-moon' shape Same with the 2" x

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