Blended Leachates

On this page I'll be telling you the most important characteristics of both aerobic compost and vermicompost and how to BLEND them with other ingredients - to produce a potent plant-nutrition 'elixir' that no 'store-bought' product can match - and it's basically FREE to any composter who uses The SoilGuy's intensive management composting methods.

But first, leachate must be removed from the initial collection containment - which will also collect a lot of sediment - that should go back onto a pile.
How to remove leachate without taking a lot of sediment with it - will be discussed in the following topic:

Removing Leachate from the initial collection container

By far, the easiest way to separate leachate from sediment is to make the collection tub removable, by installing a TUB LINER in the excavation first - from which the collection tub can be easily removed - when it's almost empty.

coffee can on a stick
sump pump with float valve - on a brick on tub bottom


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