14-Hour Certified Composter Course

This four-day event with prepared lunches may be held as a Saturday/Sunday weekend event over the course of two consecutive weekends.

Each one-hour session includes a 10-minute break. Usually 3 sessions in the morning segment and 4 sessions in the afternoon segment.

It is also common for this 14-hour course to be held in 2-hour evening or weedend afternoon sessions over a period of 7 weeks, or in combination of weeknight sessions and weekend day sessions over a period of 4 weeks.

The 14 hours of classroom instruction are combined with 8 hours of hands-on demonstration time in an outdoor setting, working with compost feedstocks and a variety of different containment structures.

Handouts are 3-hole punched and provided as introduction to each session for inclusion in the 3-ring binder provided, which is complete at the end of the 2nd day of sessions.

For participants who were unable to attend the 2nd day of the session, normally two evening weeknight segments are available as make-up opportunities - arranged in advance.

Weather permitting, outdoor demonstrations permit a 'hands-on' opportunity for participants to 'get a feel' for the feedstock layering/watering and turning/screening processes.

The objective of the Backyard Composter certicification course is to realize benefits from, and training, to construct and operate a backyard composting operation at a basic level.

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